Canard - Spastic Coffin

Invaders From a Forbidden Planet & Canard split


Discorporation - Affirmation


Electric Lawnchair - Double Platinum


Enemy From Space - Eldritch Technologies

Enemy From Space - Out of the Night

Enemy From Space - On a Geometric Representation of Imaginary Images in a Plane

Enemy From Space - The Way That Denies by Denying

Enemy From Space - you are the film

Enemy From Space - The Sun Went Out Just Like a Dying Ember

Enemy From Space - a love there is no cure for

Enemy From Space - The Scorpion Strikes

Enemy From Space - Conquers the Universe

Enemy From Space - The Condition of Music

Enemy From Space - Plastic Orpheus

Enemy From Space - Abstractions

Enemy From Space - Angels We Have Heard On High

Enemy From Space - O Christmas Tree

Enemy From Space - I Saw Three Ships


Invaders From a Forbidden Planet & Canard split

The Best of Invaders From a Forbidden Planet


Naked Elf - Yi


New Albanian Riots - the Cream of the Stars

New Albanian Riots - Unknown Worlds


Newsboy Legion - I Threw a Peanut on Your Floor

Newsboy Legion - My Name is Babysock

Newsboy Legion - Music For Your Whole Brain

Newsboy Legion - Sounds From the Electric Lawnchair

Newsboy Legion - I Want to be a Service Station Attendant

Newsboy Legion - Jimmy don't like that

Newsboy Legion - IKE

Newsboy Legion - Christmas (Time Again)

Newsboy Legion - Claus, Bringer of Toys


Singing Spoons - Resin Cabin


Solution Science Systems - Daemon ex Machina

Solution Science Systems - A Crisis on Infinite Earths


Ultraboy - Whip Out the Glory

Ultraboy - Ride the Fantasy Pickle

Ultraboy - Jelvis

Ultraboy - Clubfoot for Men

Ultraboy - The Best of Bread

Ultraboy - Jellymitt EP


Zen Lemmings - We'd Be Alive Today If Not For You

Zen Lemmings - Good Lord! Choke


Various Artists - What the Scientist Saw


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