Invaders From a Forbidden Planet & Canard (1997)

Released 1997 on AAJ Records

Invaders From a Forbidden Planet

Amazing Lee - vocals, guitar
Rachel McDonnell - violin
Brandon Arnold - guitar
Matt Mazarowski - bass
Mike Coleman - drums

Recorded by Tommy Hamilton
Additional recording by Mike Coleman and Amazing Lee

All songs by Amazing Lee/Invaders From a Forbidden Planet


Canard - lead vocal, "friend", guitar, string ensemble, dobro, drums
El Playdo - sampler
Spamface Goldilocks - guitar, bango
Plastic Understanding - vocals, acoustic guitar
Jim "Bowlegs" Cornish - synthesizer
Franco Übermush - bass

With special guests:
Curt McNeal - bass, guitar and vocals on "The Cheap Seats"
Bruce "The Beard" Hamilton - drums on "Dogfoot Salute"
Jackie Jakkinton - keyboards on "Torture Chamber"

All songs by Canard except:
"The Cheap Seats" by Canard and Curt McNeal
"Dogfoot Salute" by Canard and Bruce Hamilton
"Torture Chamber" by Canard and Jack Carneal

    Invaders From a Forbidden Planet
  1. By Your House
  2. The Rock Fortress of the Parricide King
  3. False Door
  4. Spaceship Home
  5. Ashamed
  6. Tom Richardson's Trouble with Women
  7. The Room that wasn't Enough
  8. 27 Years


  9. Earth 1995
  10. Ghastly
  11. Boogie Cathedral
  12. Calling Dr. Telepathy
  13. '74 Lionel Richie Exploded on T.V.
  14. She's a Lover, Not a Fighter
  15. The Masses Eat It
  16. Spamface Smokes Lunch
  17. Bitter Cloud
  18. Silent Pantry
  19. The Cheap Seats
  20. Torture Chamber
  21. My Trip to Vegas
  22. Dogfoot Salute
  23. Crying for Niblets
  24. Engineers

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